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About Maritieme Kring Zeebrugge

The MKZ is a private business club that has an open mind for contemporary issues. For almost 50 years our network has played a role in the future of the Port of Bruges and its associated companies. Are you an enthusiastic business owner, manager, policy maker or supplier in the port community? Then you should join us too! Get ready to enjoy absorbing meetings with other members and keynote speakers during business lunches or exclusive afterwork activities. The Port of Bruges is full of ambition, and as decision makers, surely we are too?! Together we keep our finger on the pulse of everything happening in the maritime world!


The MKZ is a business club that brings together decision makers from a range of different sectors. We ultimately aim to encourage cross-fertilisation and help the Port of Bruges to flourish. In the context of today’s rapidly changing economy, it’s important to see the big picture. Our inspiring networking events with captivating keynote speakers play a role in creating new connections in an informal atmosphere. While we enjoy delicacies from the Zeebrugge region and a good glass of wine, we drop the usual business attitude for a while. You could say that it’s business mixed with pleasure.

Our members

‘Conferre Capita’ literally means ‘bringing the heads together’. This Latin expression perfectly captures the vision of the MKZ business club. By heads, we mean everyone from the top echelons of the port companies and government services to all parts of the supply chain. Our members operate in a variety of sectors, from container traffic and goods storage to ro-ro shipment and offshore or cruise services. Nevertheless, we are proud of the private nature of our business club. Our management committee is motivated by building lasting bridges!


Johnny HOFMAN, Vice-Chairman
Olivier CROUSEL, Secretary-Treasurer
Stefaan HOPPE, Board member-Commissioner
Stijn MAELFYT, Board member

ERE-KRING haven Zeebrugge

ERE-KRING haven Zeebrugge
Fernand DUCHEYNE, Chairman
Roel VERLIEFDE, Vice-Chairman
Luc De Deyne, Board member-Commissioner

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Looking for activities for future-proof entrepreneurship? Allow us to inspire you!

No other sector is evolving as quickly as the maritime sector. Do not miss out on business opportunities or let the latest trends pass you by! Feel the heartbeat of the Port of Bruges through our networking activities, obtain new insights, gain inspiration, exchange experiences with like-minded colleagues. Why not join us too?